Support Attorney

supportAll too often, children become the unwilling and innocent victims of lengthy and costly divorces. The best interests of your children are the focal point of Ms. Penley’s efforts on your behalf. Child support is unique to you. Determining the correct amount of child support is very important to all concerned. The amount is based on several factors. Victoria L. Penley has child support attorney experience and legal knowledge to make sure all relevant facts are applied to your unique situation.

Often her experience and legal knowledge of the many issues relevant to child support can effectuate a mutually agreeable amount. However, when necessary, Ms. Penley will fight for the exact amount allowable under the law for you. When a client has sacrificed their professional life in order take more domestic responsibilities, they may be granted custody because they have had more experience caring for the children. However, they often do not have the means to keep the lifestyle their children are accustomed to because they do not have their former spouses’ income. Child support forces both parents to remain responsible for child care.

Spousal support is another issue requiring expert legal knowledge and an ability to apply the law to your unique situation. A judge may look at certain sacrifices that a spouse has made and award a specific amount so that a divorce is not extremely detrimental to both parties. Victoria L. Penley is proud to provide you with knowledge and experienced legal representation in obtaining the best possible results in your spousal support award.