Domestic Partnerships Attorney

child custody 2Do you know the California requirements for a domestic partnership attorney? These laws are always changing, and are often very complicated. Victoria L. Penley, Attorney at Law knows all the nuances of these laws, and can help make sure you and your interests are best represented.

A domestic partnership is a legal relationship that is open to same sex couples, or to certain opposite sex couples in which one party is at least 62 years old. It offers the couple the same protections, benefits, rights, responsibilities and duties as married spouses. Even though domestic partnerships are similar to marriages, the laws surrounding them are very different. Before you and your partner become involved in a domestic partnership, you may want to seek legal advice before you begin to plan your lives together. This will help both of you understand the benefits, responsibilities, and requirements of the partnership.

You will need also need a lawyer with the expertise of Victoria L. Penley if you wish to divorce your domestic partner. Ms. Penley is an expert in the California Law that governs these matters. She has been helping her clients with domestic partnership issues and same sex marriage issues (including child custody) for a number of years. Ms. Penley understands the difficulties and emotional distress often associated with your family. She will provide you with excellent legal knowledge and aggressive representation of your rights. On the other hand, she will always be understanding of your unique needs and issues.