Child Custody Attorney

280x200 280x200It would be wonderful if divorces were all amicable and both sides agreed quickly. That isn’t always the case, and these cases can turn into highly contested battles. The victim of such disputes is the child caught in the middle. There are claims and counterclaims about who is the best parent. Even though custody cases can be difficult, they are an essential part of family law. As a parent, you want what is best for your child, and you want to be involved in every part of his or her life, physically and legally. Victoria L. Penley strives to ensure her clients are pleased with the custody decision.

Ms. Penley has the empathy, legal knowledge and experience to understand the unique issues involved with your children. Custody cases are often ongoing as previous spouses may challenge the decision as family circumstances change. These cases add a great deal of emotional stress to the lives of the children and the clients. Ms. Penley will support her clients and their children every step of the way.

Every Every divorce and custody case is different and Ms. Penley’s years of experience has made her sensitive to all factors that are involved in child custody. As a former teacher and school administrator, Ms. Penley possesses more knowledge about children than most attorneys. This special knowledge allows her to have insight into your unique needs as they relate to your child’s best interests. As a child custody attorney, VIctoria L. Penley has the ability to aggressively present and fight for the best possible results for you and your children.