Restraining Orders Attorney

restraining ordersA restraining order is a court order that can protect you from being physically abused, threatened, stalked or harassed. Sometimes, it can also give you custody of your children, order visitation, provide child support, spousal support and attorney fees. Under certain circumstances it can require the abuser to move out of your home.

If there is a threat of violence or recent physical violence, you need the help of Victoria L. Penley to keep you safe and get you the protection you deserve. She can help you determine the level and type of protection necessary, and get you back on a path to safety. Ms. Penley understands how to manage sensitive and dangerous situations. She knows that circumstances surrounding restraining orders are often very complex. You should never have to live in fear of violence, and Ms. Penley will fight for your rights and your safety.

She is also experienced in defending the person accused of doing the abuse. If a restraining order is placed against you and you have children, California Law may prevent you from having custody of your children or owning a gun. You need to obtain the best restraining order attorney to assist you in protecting your rights. Being accused of something that you have not done can ruin your reputation and your life. Victoria L. Penley has the experience and legal knowledge to assist you in wherever your unique situation places you.