Annulment Attorney

annulments and divorce

If you need an annulment attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced within the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas of San Bernardino, Riverside and El Centro, contact Victoria L. Penley, Attorney at Law. Victoria L. Penley has over 26 years of experience in divorces, annulments, legal separations and all areas of family law. She has extensive courtroom experience. She is comfortable in the courtroom and equally comfortable assisting you in resolving your case amicably with the other person. As a former teacher and school administrator, she has special knowledge in assisting people through difficult situations.

An annulment differs from divorce in very complex ways. A divorce dissolves a marriage, whereas an annulment tries to prove that the marriage was never legally valid. Annulments can only occur under special circumstances. If you believe that you can qualify for an annulment, you will need the advice of a lawyer with years of experience in family law.

Divorce can also be complicated affair. With divorce, clients must handle separation of property, alimony and when applicable, child custody and support. Victoria L Penley ensures that her clients receive everything that they are entitled to after the divorce. She is ready to undertake any families’ case and support her clients no matter how difficult the case may be.

Whether you are contemplating a divorce, annulment, or legal separation, or your case is already underway, Victoria L. Penley is the person you want on your side.